Lesbian Mistress
Cruel Femdom Lesbians

Lesbian Mistress

I'm a lesbian Mistress and I'll freely admit I love to hear the tearful wimpering of a sweet slave girl as I humiliate and punish her for my pleasure! Sound cruel? Not at all! These pretty girls need and crave the delicious sexual punishments only a lesbian Mistress can provide. Many men don't know it, but ALL girls love to be under the sexual control of a powerful woman...

Lesbian Domination

You should see the look on some bitchy princesses' face when I strip her naked, spank her bare bottom and then make her kneel and lick my pussy or ass! But you know what? After they get a good taste of another woman, they soon can't get enough! They even begin to misbehave on purpose just so they'll be punished again...

Femdom Lesbians

Ever hear the saying about lesbians that only a woman knows how to please another woman? Well femdom lesbians know that only a woman knows how to PUNISH another woman!

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Lesbian Mistress - Cruel Femdom Lesbians

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"Women naturally have a cruel streak and when an older woman gets a young girl alone in her dungeon - look the fuck out!" - F.D.

"Seems more girls are looking for a sexual experience that involves being dominated by another woman.
I think it's a reflection of them wanting to experience the kinky sex they see on TV and in the movies. It's disturbing..." - S.E.

"I once punished one of my maids with a whip. I loved it!" - N.B.